About me

I have fallen to love with Unix about 20 years ago. Unix, shell, shell scripting are my daily tools in my job and even at home.

I have fallen to world of NetBackup about 13 years ago. It's strange relationship but it's not love. NetBackup is far away from good software. But it's not hate either. It's just a tool.
Not perfect, not bad. But usable. If you know how to tweak it NetBackup can give you what you want. Sometimes it requires help of some my shell or perl tools.

May be I'm the only one in Universe who needs such additional functionality but perhaps somebody else will see them usefull too. That's the reason why I will share them with you.
And sometimes generic article about data protction as backup software is not the only way how to protect data.

Here I will share with you simple shell oneliners also slightly sophisticated perl utilities

Enjoy them.

Rado Turan