Data protection

Data protection - part 2

Why  we should speak about data protection and not about backup? This article is not just for service providers but also for data owners.

The traditional idea of "backup" is to copy some data to tape. To be available if necessary.

Customer: We have a Windows fileserver with DDS tape drive and we are running a backup everyday and put the tape on the shelf. We are rotating tapes every 2 weeks. Pretty simple. Why your backup service is so expensive?

The answer is simple. You are not providing simple data storage on DDS tapes laying on the shelf. You are providing to put back exactly specified data in defined time.

Data protection - part 1

Even I promised to publish tips and tricks to improve life with NetBackup I would like to start with more generic area. It's data protection in general. This article is for providers (to know what to ask) but also for data owners (to know what questions to expect).
At the beginning there is a discussion between backup provider and data owner (many times just different departments of the same company).


The initial phase immediately jumps to questions like:

  • What is frequency and retention of backups?
  • Can you run my backups every 15 minutes?
  • I need my weekly backups in offsite facility.

Everything is wrong. Really, really wrong.

The absolute first question for data owner should be:
What is value of your data?

I know the answer already:
We don't know.